Refugee Camp Volunteer Work

In June this year Helen Lindley will be travelling as a Dental Hygienist alongside 5 other volunteers to work as part of a Dentaid team in Moria camp, Lesvos, Greece. Please give her your support.

Helen told us ” This will be my first trip volunteering with Dentaid. The refugees in Lesvos are living in unimaginable conditions with the added suffering of unbearable dental pain; many of them have been enduring this for months with no hope of relief. With Dentaid I hope to help as many of these people as I can and relieve one small part of their overall suffering”.

“To make this possible I need to fundraise £1,100 to set up dental facilities and buy equipment and materials in order to help treat hundreds of refugees. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to be in a situation in which you require emergency dental treatment you will understand how important it is to receive immediate care, please help me to stop this pain by donating any amount you are able. Thank you.”

There are collection boxes in reception or you can go to my donation page.

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