High Definition Dentistry!

Working under magnification is very much the routine for dentists these days, but there are some circumstances which demand taking this technology to the next level.

Dentist Karen Watson  has a special interest in Endodontics (commonly known as root canal treatment) and is seen here with her Global G4 Dental Microscope, an investment which is proving a great benefit in the treatment of her patients.

“The unsurpassed illumination and magnification enhance the precision of all aspects of my root canal work, especially in the more challenging cases where ‘regular’ magnification methods are often simply not good enough” Karen told us, “after all, you can’t treat what you can’t see!”

Karen is happy to receive referrals from other dentists and patient self-referrals for routine, complex or repeat root canal treatments in order to save teeth which might otherwise be lost.

Karen was awarded her Masters In Endodontics from the University of Chester

Volunteer Work Rescheduled

In June this year Helen Lindley was to be travelling with 5 other volunteers to work as part of a Dentaid team in Moria camp, Lesvos, Greece. Her plans have now had to change, and Helen explains why

Helen told us:

“As many of you are aware I was to be part of an Aid Team going  to Lesvos, in Greece to provide Dental treatments to the Refugees in the Moria Camp. Sadly my trip has had to be cancelled due to Eurorelief handing over responsibility to Health Point Charity. They have declined to work with us as they have already sufficient volunteers. The good news is they have managed to secure a full time Dentist in Camp, which will make a huge difference and is really what is needed in the Camp”.

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