Direct Access Dental Hygienist Service

Did you know you can access the services of our dental hygienists without the need to see a dentist?

Dental hygienists and dental therapists can carry out their full scope of practice without prescription and without the patient having to see a dentist first. This means you can continue to attend your own dentist for on-going regular dental treatment and see our  Direct Access hygienists for additional gum care or cosmetic cleaning if you wish, or see our Direct Access hygienists even if you don’t currently have a dentist. New patients please contact us for details or  book online here

Flash PearlProphymate-neo

We offer Prophy-Mate FLASH pearl air-polishing as an alternative to conventional polishing for stain removal. This works using a fine jet of air, water and calcium based polishing particles and produces great results.  The particles are so small that up to 1 million per second will hit the tooth surface to provide you with the look and feel of brilliant teeth.Air polishing can also be used to help maintain patients with gum disease and those that have had dental implants.

Air-polishing is not suitable for everyone; ask your dental hygienist for advice.





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